Helligdagdetektor Elcometer 266

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Product Description
The Elcometer 266 revolutionises high voltage DC testing of coatings porosity detection making it safer, easier and more reliable than ever before.

Elcometer 266 Features

  • Voltage calculator automatically sets the correct voltage from your coating thickness value

No need to use look up tables. Enter the test standard and the coating thickness and the gauge will automatically programme the correct voltage.

  • Voltage adjustable using the keypad - no need for screwdriver: 0.5kV - 1kV in 50V steps, 1kV to 30kV in 100V steps

Sensitivity to current can be manually preset or automatically adjusted by the gauge for partially conductive coatings.

  • Internal Voltmeter/Jeep tester ensures that the test voltage equals the selected voltage

The closed loop system ensures that the generated test voltage is accurately measured and continuously controlled, regardless of climatic conditions.

Interchangable probes handles are available, 5kV, 15kV and 30kV DC Versions

  • Audible and visual alarms are activated when a flaw is detected

Bright LEDs on the handle, as well as a loud audible alarm, clearly indicate if the gauge is on (Red) and when a spark is detected (Blue).

  • Battery packs can be recharged inside or outside the gauge for continued use

Batteries are fully charged within 4 hours and provide up to 40 hours continuous use between charges.

  • Adaptor enables use of accessories from other manufacturers
Elcometer 236 & Elcometer 136 Models AP, APS, AP/S1 & AP/S2
Models 780, 785 & 790 Models 10/20 & 14/20 Compact DC & Compact Pulse

Large, backlit display enables easy viewing even in dark environments. When a flaw is detected the backlight also flashes.

The optional second hand grip is designed for two handed use without compromising its safety. Ideal for testing pipes and tank floors

The easy to use menu driven displays can be viewed in multiple languages for optimum versatility.

Elcometer 266 Safety Features

  • Dual safety switch on handle to avoid accidental switch on

2-stage safety switch ensures that if the Elcometer 266 handle is not gripped, the handle will switch off.

  • Specialised ribbing provides superior protection while an optional second hand grip is ideal for two handed use

To the user and has been specifically designed to meet standard EN61010. High voltage testing has never been safer.

The speaker on the gauge clearly emits a ticking noise to indicate that there is voltage at the handle.

A loud audible alarm is activated when a spark is detected. The beep volume can also be adjusted to ensure it can be heard - even in noisy environments.


Elcometer Pinhole & Porosity Detection, datablad